Sandra is a travel and fine art photographer based in London. She travelled the world with her family from an early age, and as an adult has lived in Austria, Turkey and Morocco, sparking a huge interest in foreign countries and cultures. 
She creates images that have space to breathe – like visual meditations. She finds simplicity in remote places and beauty in abandonment, using photography to slow down and appreciate the beautiful world that surrounds her. Photography silences the chaos and offers her a sensory escape.  
Much of Sandra’s work centres around the remote expansive areas of the Arctic, but even when photographing in an urban environment, she still seeks the moments of solitude.  
She invites the viewer to explore her images and hopes that in doing so they experience their own sensory escape.
‘Arctic Norway & Morocco’  
Art@10GS, Grosvenor St, Mayfair, London

‘Arctic Norway & Morocco’
The Palmerston Bar & Dining Room, Dulwich, London
‘Lofoten – A photographic journey through the Islands’
The Greyhound, London  W12 9ER
Space Art Life Summer Exhibition
The Brick Lane Gallery, London  E1

Premiere Art Curious Duke Gallery, London  EC1

The Awareness Centre, Clapham,  London 

“Something Blue” Exhibition
Cultivate Gallery, London  E2

New Artist Fair Finalist Exhibition
St Martin’s Street, London  WC2